InfraGard Sponsorship

Sponsor InfraGard Arkansas

InfraGard Arkansas Members Alliance partnerships and sponsorships provides exposure, value-added benefits, and the opportunity to actively engage in protecting your organization, industry and community. InfraGard partners and sponsors have access to first-class training, education and peer networking on the cyber, terrorism and law enforcement issues affecting our community and the nation. InfraGard also offers our partners access to private businesses and public agencies that represent the 16 DHS critical infrastructure sectors.

InfraGard is an organization that is building a Trust Relationship between those individuals who are involved in protecting our nation’s Critical Infrastructures, and the FBI and other government partners.

The Arkansas InfraGard Chapter is a partnership between the Arkansas FBI Field Office’s InfraGard Program, and the Arkansas InfraGard Members Alliance. Arkansas is one of 83 InfraGard chapters across the country. Our members work in banks, universities, utility companies, hospitals, and other companies that make up the Critical Infrastructure of our nation.

By participating in InfraGard, they develop relationships with the FBI, Homeland Security, and local law enforcement, as well as relationships with their peers in other companies. These relationships are the key to Trust, and Trust is the key to Information Sharing. Through Information Sharing, we hope to better protect our Nation’s Critical Infrastructures, and to better secure the resources of our member’s companies.

Please contact for more information on Chapter Sponsorship.

Director Level Sponsor ($5,000+) (2 years)

  • Lunch Sponsor (4 events)
  • Seminar speaker slot (4 Events)
  • Top/Best Sponsor Table Location (4 events)
  • Top/Best Website Sponsor Location
    • Sponsor Video Message
    • 6 x Sponsor Article/Blog/Post
  • Top/Best Print Media Location (all events)
  • 10 tickets to paid event (all events)

Deputy Director Level Sponsor ($2,500 - $4,999) (2 years)

  • Breakfast Sponsor (3 events)
  • Seminar speaker slot (3 events)
  • 2nd Sponsor Table Location (3 events)
  • 2nd Website Sponsor Location
    • Sponsor Video Message
    • 4 x Sponsor Article/Blog/Post
  • 2nd Print Media Location (all events)
  • 6 tickets to paid event (all events)

Associate Director Level Sponsor ($1,500 - $2,499) (1 year)

  • Snack Sponsor (2 Events)
  • Seminar speaker slot (2 Events)
  • 3rd Sponsor Table Location (2 events)
  • 3rd Website Sponsor Location
    • 2 x Sponsor Article/Blog/Post
  • 3rd Print Media Location (all events)
  • 4 tickets to paid event (all events)

Assistant Director Level Sponsor ($1,000 - $1,499) (1 year)

  • Snack Sponsor (1 event)
  • Seminar speaker slot (1 event)
  • 4th Sponsor Table Location (1 event)
  • 4th Website Sponsor Location (1 year)
    • 1 x Sponsor Article/Blog/Post
  • 4th Print Media Location (all events)
  • 2 tickets to paid event (all events)

Agent Level Sponsor ($500 - $999) (1 year)

  • 5th Sponsor Table Location (1 event)
  • 5th Website Sponsor Location (1 year)
  • 5th Print Media Location (all events)
  • 1 ticket to paid event (all events)

Happy Hour / After Event Sponsor (Sponsor Funded) (1 Event)

  • Sponsor venue selection
  • Special Print Media Location
  • Speaker slot (if available)

* Speaking slots are on a first come, first serve basis and require payment for guarantee.

Standard Event Schedule

  • 830a - 900a – Registration (Breakfast)
  • 900a – 910a – Welcome Address
  • 910a – 1010a - Presentation
  • 1010a – 1020a - Networking Break (Snacks)
  • 1020a – 1120a - Presentation
  • 1120a – 1130a - New Member Introduction
  • 1130a – 1230p - Lunch
  • 1230p – 130p - Panel Discussion or Presentation
  • 130p – 135p – Quick Break
  • 135p – 235p - Presentation
  • 235p – 245p - Networking Break (Snacks)
  • 245p – 345p - Presentation
  • 345p – 415p - Member Share Time (Members Only)

Website and Social Media Content Schedule
(LinkedIn, Twitter, Website, Eventbrite)

  • Q1
    • Event Post
    • Post Event Article Post
    • Pre Q2 Event Article Post
  • Q2
    • Event Post
    • Post Event Article Post
    • Pre Q3 Event Article Post
  • Q3
    • July 4th Post (Securing the Nation)
    • Event Post
    • Post Event Article Post
    • Pre Q4 Event Article Post
  • Q4
    • Event Post
    • Post Event Article Post
    • Pre Q1 Event Article Post

Possible Events in Addition to Quarterly Event

  • Annual Awards Luncheon
  • Annual Sponsorship Gala/Dinner
  • Range Day with the FBI (2)